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I'm Dylan. I develop applications and infrastructure for Human Condition Safety. Only rarely do I YOLO code into production. Prior to my current job, I worked as an editorial developer at Bloomberg Businessweek, where I worked closely with people who saw Michael Bloomberg at the company picnic. In my spare time, I tell people exactly how much umpires suck. Say hi on my tilde club page.

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    Stuff I Made (That I'm Allowed to Share)

    Umpire Auditor

    Analyzes every pitch in the MLB every night, ranks umpires based on the percentage of calls they make correctly, and returns the worst call of the night. API built on Rails with an AngularJS front end hosted on Businessweek

    Other Election Map

    2014 U.S. Senate election map removing Democrats and Republicans.

    Zeppelin Game

    A musical game to see if you can differentiate the famous opening of Stairway to Heaven from part of the obscure song that might have inspired it.

    FCCliefs Twitter Bot

    Twitter bot loaded with public comments on net neutrality from the FCC database. Originally, in pdf form, the comments were unsearchable. Now they can be queried by tweeting at the bot. Also, if you just want to chat, FCCliefs is quite a conversationalist.

    Global tech landing

    Landing page for Businessweek's Global Tech issue. Paths are added to a D3 globe as you read articles from around the world.

    American Time Use Study Interactive

    Interactive based on the American Time Use Study. Allows you to compare their time usage to the average American

    Can a Woman Ever Win at Work?

    Apparently not. A quiz based on a study highlighting the difficulties women face in office gender dynamics.